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DUI Criminal Offense

Driving under the influence criminal charges, and the administrative action that occurs after a DUI arrest in West Virginia, are very peculiar and far different than most other states. RLB II regularly...

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Drug Cases in West Virginia

West Virginia drug laws are also quite complex. There are no mandatory minimum sentences, but with the exploding drug problem throughout the United States in which West Virginia has not...

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Expungement of Records

West Virginia has very specific statutes on expungement of records, which provide that certain offenses, in particular felonies, can never be expunged, but misdemeanor arrests that...

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Areas of Practice

RLB II concentrates primarily in the fields of criminal law, personal injury, probate, estate litigation, and civil litigation. The counties for which he regular practices include, but are not limited to Cabell, Wayne, Putnam, Kanawha, Mason, Lincoln, Logan, and MIngo. However, he has at one time or another represented individuals in almost every county in the State of West Virginia. His federal practice is confined to the Southern District of West Virginia, which includes the District Courts at Huntington, Charleston, Beckley, and Bluefield. RLB II encourages individuals who are searching for representation in regards to any of these fields of law to contact him either through his web site or by telephone, and he will gladly discuss that person's case at no charge, and will quite often offer advise to individuals even though they do not retain his services.

RLB II has extensive experience in handling appeals before the West Virginia Supreme Court, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court in which he has been member since 1991. The majority of his appeals involved criminal cases, but he has participated in appeals in state and federal court also in civil litigation and administrative actions such as driving under the influence revocations. He also has an active circuit court appeal practice concerning DUI revocations. RLB II has found that there is no way of structuring set fees for appeals, since some appeals involve simple issues, and others are extremely complex. Thus, the amount of time he has to spend on an appeal, and its complexity, factor into his rates for handling appeals. He chooses to evaluate those cases free of charge, and then quote a fee, whether it is a set amount, or an hourly fee with an upfront retainer.

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