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DUI Criminal Offense

Driving under the influence criminal charges, and the administrative action that occurs after a DUI arrest in West Virginia, are very peculiar and far different than most other states. RLB II regularly...

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Drug Cases in West Virginia

West Virginia drug laws are also quite complex. There are no mandatory minimum sentences, but with the exploding drug problem throughout the United States in which West Virginia has not...

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Expungement of Records

West Virginia has very specific statutes on expungement of records, which provide that certain offenses, in particular felonies, can never be expunged, but misdemeanor arrests that...

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RLB II’s practice began at a time before typewriters had memory, thus he has had the benefit of evolving his practice from the beginning stages of computers, computer assisted legal research, and other changes that have just occurred within the past 20 years that have dramatically changed the practice of law.

What he has observed is that society has become far more complex, and with that laws have become far more complex. The result of these technological advances is that almost all attorneys have been forced to become specialists and to concentrate on very limited areas, since an area of law like criminal law changes daily by virtue of statute changes, rule changes, federal court decisions, and United States Supreme Court decisions. Thus, the case that was handled last year under the same set of circumstances could be far different this year depending on new case law or statutes, and RLB II has learned that he must evaluate every case individually, and cannot rely on the handling of a prior case with similar circumstances.

Please understand that RLB II nor any attorney can call themselves a specialist, since specialties of law are not recognized in West Virginia like a doctor who specializes in a particular practice of medicine. Some states do now recognize specialties, but West Virginia has yet to approve that practice for attorneys that it monitors through the West Virginia State Bar. However, an attorney can openly advertise that his practice has an emphasis or is limited to certain areas, which RLB II has tried to explain above.

During his 27 years of practice, RLB II has observed that the day of the general practitioner, or family attorney, that could handle any type of legal matter are over, and thus he would urge anyone faced with any type of legal situation to seek out the individual or firm that chooses to devote the majority of their time towards that specific area to insure that they are obtaining a competent counsel.

So choose your counsel wisely, since the fact that someone is an attorney does not guarantee that they have the experience or expertise in that particular area to insure that an individual is adequately represented and obtains the best result possible.
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